Sunday, December 11, 2011

The "X" Factor (for older students)

I'm so DISGUSTED when I don't give credit where credit is due. SOMEWHERE I got the EGG lesson below.   If someone knows who put this lesson together, please let me know!  Thanks!

A Good Egg Lesson

“X” Words
• Language Arts
• Intermediate
• Middle School

----or Key Words when you are making a Bulletin Board about 'eggs'---
Example: "On EGGhibit are EGGxamples of some EGGtrememely EGGcellent Work!"
Students will do word work with words beginning with the “ex” syllable (which sounds like
“egg” when exaggerated.)
eggchange, eggpress, eggcellent, eggact, eggaggerate, eggample, eggtreme, eggcitement, eggploit,
eggtension, eggplain, eggcel, eggamine, eggert, eggcavate, eggceed, eggercise, eggcessive,
eggclude, eggecution, eggpose, eggcursion, eggcuse, eggecutive, eggempt, egghaust, egghibit,
eggile, eggist, eggxit, eggtra, eggplicit, eggterminate, eggplode, eggterior, eggplore, eggtent, eggport,
eggtend, eggquisite, eggternal, eggude, eggtinct, eggtort, eggtravagant, eggclaim

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