Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm EGG-stremely Thrilled to See you Here

Welcome! You've found my EGG-citing new adventure--blogging! I hope you'll find something helpful to use in your own EGG-straordinary classroom.

Let's start with the most 'famous' EGG of all time:  Humpty Dumpty. *Yes, I know the nursery rhyme never says that Humpty is an EGG--but we'll go with tradition here.

I did a GOOGLE search-- found & purchased these 2 delightful Humpty costumes:
Do grade-level teachers work as a TEAM in your building? Do you share materials? If so, split the cost of your favorite Humpty costume so everyone can enjoy surprising their students with your Humpty Dumpty Anticipatory Set. Cute!

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