Sunday, December 11, 2011

Humpty Teaches Simple Machines

 Can You Help Humpty Get Down Safely

 From the Wall?

Look carefully at pictures of Simple Machines. Hint: Check in the library for books about simple machines.

1.    Lever

2.    Pulley

3.    Inclined Plane (ramp)

4.    Wedge

5.    Wheel and Axle

6.    Screw


1.    On a white sheet of construction paper, in the very middle, draw a picture of Humpty sitting on the wall. Leave space on either side of your wall to draw how you would safely get Humpty down.

2.    You must use 2 of the 6 simple machines listed above, however you are welcome to use as many of the simple machines as you wish.

3.    On a sheet of paper, write a paragraph describing how you would get Humpty to safety and which simple machines you used.

4.    Be certain your NAME is on both papers.

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