Sunday, December 11, 2011

Teaching Diversity --short and to the point

 Eggs may be the best visual of teaching diversity.
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The "X" Factor (for older students)

I'm so DISGUSTED when I don't give credit where credit is due. SOMEWHERE I got the EGG lesson below.   If someone knows who put this lesson together, please let me know!  Thanks!

A Good Egg Lesson

“X” Words
• Language Arts
• Intermediate
• Middle School

----or Key Words when you are making a Bulletin Board about 'eggs'---
Example: "On EGGhibit are EGGxamples of some EGGtrememely EGGcellent Work!"
Students will do word work with words beginning with the “ex” syllable (which sounds like
“egg” when exaggerated.)
eggchange, eggpress, eggcellent, eggact, eggaggerate, eggample, eggtreme, eggcitement, eggploit,
eggtension, eggplain, eggcel, eggamine, eggert, eggcavate, eggceed, eggercise, eggcessive,
eggclude, eggecution, eggpose, eggcursion, eggcuse, eggecutive, eggempt, egghaust, egghibit,
eggile, eggist, eggxit, eggtra, eggplicit, eggterminate, eggplode, eggterior, eggplore, eggtent, eggport,
eggtend, eggquisite, eggternal, eggude, eggtinct, eggtort, eggtravagant, eggclaim

To Everything....there is a Season

Humpty Dumpty had a terrible fall.  

Winter sucked too!

How was his summer?

Was his spring okay?
---I found this saying on a t-shirt online at CafePress. You might be wondering if I ordered the t-shirt?  Of course! It goes with my EGG unit!

Geode Eggs from Martha Stewart

What student wouldn't enjoy making these colorful (egg) GEODES?
I have an actual geode which I showed my students--along with this poem:

Miss Peggy is a GEODE, or at least I think it's true
Her outside is round and bumpy--that was my very 1st clue.

She's been around a long, long time-her color is kind of gray
Just like an old GEODE you might find along the way.

Miss Peggy is a GEODE, or at least I think it's true
When you break inside and know her, her color will shine through.
Don't judge a person or a rock on the outside which you view,
For within that rock or person, may be some sparkle meant for you!

Humpty Teaches Simple Machines

 Can You Help Humpty Get Down Safely

 From the Wall?

Look carefully at pictures of Simple Machines. Hint: Check in the library for books about simple machines.

1.    Lever

2.    Pulley

3.    Inclined Plane (ramp)

4.    Wedge

5.    Wheel and Axle

6.    Screw


1.    On a white sheet of construction paper, in the very middle, draw a picture of Humpty sitting on the wall. Leave space on either side of your wall to draw how you would safely get Humpty down.

2.    You must use 2 of the 6 simple machines listed above, however you are welcome to use as many of the simple machines as you wish.

3.    On a sheet of paper, write a paragraph describing how you would get Humpty to safety and which simple machines you used.

4.    Be certain your NAME is on both papers.

Humpty Helps Teach the Parts of a Letter

Look carefully at this egg. 

1. Does he have a head (ing)?

2. Could he raise his arm in a greeting?

3. Does he have a body?

4. I'm hoping his pants have a zipper! = closing.

5. I'm thinking he is wearing some type of 'signature' shoes? Maybe Converse? Nikes?

Please draw your own EGG and label the 5 parts of a Friendly Letter.
One of the all-time BIGGEST GROANS (of delight) will come when you show your students how to separate an Egg using Peter Petrie!
A Google search will show you various places to purchase Peter; I've found mine (cheaper) at 
How in the WORLD does this tie into any content area? Hmm, let's think:  The shell is a SOLID, the EGG is a liquid--if you COOK the egg it turns to a SOLID.  Can an egg ever turn into a GAS? *Don't look at me for the answer, find out for yourself.